DrivingQuestion WORKSHOP

- Let's set a Driving Question!



21st Feb, 2020


*You can enter only between 15:10-16:50.

Place: Oxford Centre for Innovation, Conference Room
New Road, Oxford, OX1 1BY

Fee: £15(credit card only)

Language: 日本語(必要に応じて英語で説明あり)

Capacity: 20people each

*preliminary application


Navigator & Coach

Kisato GOTO/五島 希里

Minatoya Inc. CEO






Freelancer in Oxford

Saori TAKATO/高藤さおり

We will be holding the first Driving Question workshop in Oxford, which is FULL every time in Japan!

▼ What is a Driving Question?
Driving Question is a personal question that sets the direction of your "life" and draws answers in every moment. Before deciding on the means, let’s set a question.

For what means do you learn Japanese? Why do you eager to get qualification?
"Occupation" and "Qualification" are just means. In other words, “The way HOW to go”. However, more important thing is WHERE you want to go. It is unexpectedly difficult to decide WHERE to go, it is difficult to say "I like" or "I'm good at" about myself, and difficult at drawing clear visions and plans.

We want such kind of people to come.
Before considering the method, let's set an exciting Driving Question together with us!!

▼How can you join?

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