Freelancer in Oxford

I am interested in varieties of languages and cultures since I grew up in several prefectures in Japan and had an occasion to homestay in the U.S.
I majored in German studies at the Osaka University of Foreign Studies for my BA and spent one year at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich as an exchange student. In my studies, I mainly focused on foreign language education until I finished my MA at Tokyo University. Since I wanted to contribute to society by using foreign languages, I worked to translate English and German documents into Japanese for a think tank. I also completed an internship at a German organization in Japan.
The more I studied foreign language education, the more I was interested in thinking about education with a wider perspective beyond educational institutions. Therefore, I decided to join an American consulting firm in Tokyo, and I started my career as a business consultant in the fields of manufacture and retail industry. At the company, I conducted both domestic and global market research. In addition, I supported the launch of new businesses as project management office, among other roles. 
Since Feb. 2016, I’ve been working as a freelancer; I manage projects at educational organizations, plan and facilitate workshops, write articles on education, and so on. I also have experience supporting visits to Japan for German visitors. Even after moving to Oxford in Oct. 2019, I continue to work in multiple languages from the U.K. as a freelancer for Japanese clients.